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Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker CVC-800
The automatic cooking plant produces hard-boiled candies of finest quality with extreme smoothness and exceptional clarity. The cooking is without any loss of sugar. Most suitable recipes can be handled with undiminished quality even when cooking batches with 1% moisture content. Output, vacuum, cooking temperature, cooking time and batch can be easily adjusted. Once set the cooking plant cook automatically and continuously at low operating cost.
  • Output
  • Upto 750 Kgs./hr.
  • Power Load
  • 0.75 kW (Sugar Pump)
    5.5 kW (Vacuum Pump)
  • Steam Pressure
  • 150 Psi
  • Steam Consumption
  • 200 Kgs./hour
  • Net Weight
  • 1500 Kgs.
  • Gross Weight
  • 1800 Kgs.
  • Dimension (L x W x H)
  • 2500 x 2200 x 2400 mm
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